2018 Adopt-a-Family Benefitting Friends of Kids with Cancer

    Tis the season for giving! It’s that time of year again when we team up with Friends of Kids with Cancer to adopt families for the holidays. Each of the families from Friends of Kids with Cancer has a child suffering from some form of cancer. Many of these children have been fighting illness for a very long time, and as you might imagine, it is devastating for the entire family.

    Our goal is to be able to provide a wonderful Holiday for each and every one of these families, allowing them to take their minds off of their worries and simply enjoy a very special Christmas together. Please help us in our efforts to fulfill their wish lists and make this a wonderful, joyous and stress free Holiday for the families.

    Donations may be dropped off at the Kelly Hager Group office at 16091 Swingley Ridge, Ste. 220, Chesterfield, MO 63017, Monday-Friday, from 9am – 5pm, until Friday, December 7th. You may also drop off gifts on Saturday morning, December 8th, from 8:30am – 10:00am, at 530 Maryville Centre Dr, St. Louis, MO 63141. Please call or text 314-640-2160 with any questions.

    Please make sure to have your donation items in a bag or box with the family number clearly labeled on the outside. All items must be new, and we will take care of the gift wrapping.  

    Volunteers are welcome to help with the gift wrapping fun, which will take place at 530 Maryville Centre Dr, St. Louis, MO 63141, starting at 8:30am on Saturday, December 8th. The families’ will arrive between 12:00pm – 1:30pm to pick up the gifts, take their picture with Santa and enjoy refreshments.  

    This is such an amazing day and seeing the pure joy and appreciation from the families’ is truly unforgettable!

    Thank you in advance for your support!

    Kelly Hager Group


    Family #1 – Click here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Queen size fitted flannel sheets:  ___Alyson Story___
    Walmart Gift Card:  ___Alyson Story____
    Target Gift Card:     ___Alyson Story____
    Quick Trip Gift Card ____Schwartz Family_____
    Bath towels __KHG______
    Queen bedspread (Madison Park Harvard) _____Ted Disabato____


    Patient: Boy, age 16
    Clothing size: Adult Medium
    Amazon Gift Card ____Karen Swanson___________
    Amazon Gift Card ____Karen Swanson___________
    Amazon Gift Card________Schwartz Family_______
    Visa Gift Card ______Schwartz Family______
    Visa Gift Card ______Kathy Ambro__________
    Visa Gift Card ________________

    Sister: Age 14
    Bath & Body Works Gift Card _____Schwartz Family____
    Dicks Sporting Goods Gift Card _______Schwartz Family____
    Victoria’s Secret Gift Card ___Ted Disabato________


    Family #2 – Click here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family Items:
    Movie Theater Gift Cards __Schwartz Family_
    American Eagle Gift Card__Schwartz Family______
    IKEA Gift Card __Schwartz Family_______
    Amazon Gift Card __Schwartz Family______
    Maurice’s Gift Card __Schwartz Family___
    Scotch Pro Laminator Never Jam 9” _Schwartz Family______

    Patient: Boy, age 4
    Clothing Size: 3T-4T pants, 4T-5T shirts, shoe size 10
    Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower _ Tracy  Kirkpatrick___
    Toys about Planets   _ Tracy  Kirkpatrick_____
    Numbers games/toys   _ Tracy  Kirkpatrick_____
    Letters games/toys   _ Tracy  Kirkpatrick_____
    Pajamas   _ Tracy  Kirkpatrick_____
    Shoes   _ Tracy  Kirkpatrick_____
    Hotwheels cars and track ___Kathy Ambro_____


    Family #3 – Click here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    King size fitted sheets (gray) ___Karyn Bohannan___
    Shark Rocket Duo Clean Vacuum ___TdD Premier Real Estate_____
    Non-Stick cookware set ____KHG________________
    2-Twin XL Gray Sheet sets ___Karyn Bohannan_____
    White Kitchen Towels: ___Heather Ambro__
    Kitchen glasses: ___Heather Ambro__
    Walmart Gift Card ____KHG________
    Target Gift Card ___Mark Dyn_______
    Quick Trip Gift Card ____KHG_______

    Patient:Boy, age 4
    Clothing size: 5 toddler, shoe size: 11 Toddler
    Jurassic World Figures ___Kathy Kilo Peterson____
    Blue & Owen story pack___Kathy Kilo Peterson____
    Indoraptor Figurine___Kathy Kilo Peterson_______
    Amazon Gift Card___Kathy Kilo Peterson_________
    Walmart Gift Card___Kathy Kilo Peterson__________
    Socks (large toddler low cut type and tube)___Kathy Kilo Peterson____
    Old Navy Straight Leg Jeans (5T)___Kathy Kilo Peterson____

    Nintendo Switch games (Donkey Kong, Mario) _____TdD Premier Real Estate___

    Brother: Boy, age 8
    Clothing Size: Youth Medium, shoe size: 3 Boys
    Junior Golf Set (ages 8-12 with stand)___Kathy Kilo Peterson____
    Amazon Gift Card___Kathy Kilo Peterson__________
    Walmart Gift Card___Kathy Kilo Peterson__________
    Socks (youth large low cut and tube)___Kathy Kilo Peterson_____
    Long Sleeve T-Shirts (kids M/L)___Kathy Kilo Peterson______


    Family #4 – Click Here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Curtains darker color _____Ted Disabato_(Target GC to pick out the styles)_
    (Window sizes: 23,28,34,46,46,46)
    Blinds __________Ted Disabato_(Target GC to pick out the styles)_____
    (Blind sizes: 2 size 23, 28, 3 size 46
    Large skillet __Schwartz Family______
    Queen Size Electric Blanket ___Schwartz Family___
    Queen Quilt or Blanket ____Schwartz Family___
    Queen Memory Foam Mattress Cover ____Kathy Ambro____
    All kinds of kitchen utensils ___Schwartz Family____
    Bathroom curtain _____Schwartz Family__________
    Electric tart burner _TdD Premier Real Estate_
    Tarts any scent _TdD Premier Real Estate_

    Patient: Girl, age 10
    Favorite color: Light Blue
    Clothing sizes: Jeans (size 16) Shirts (small-women’s) Shoe 7 (women’s)
    PJ’s ( size 16 or small women’s) ______________
    Hoverboard ____Ted Disabato______________
    LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise _____Ted Disabato____
    Fujifilm instax mini polaroid camera ____Kathy Ambro___
    Target Gift Card _____Schwartz Family__________
    Justice Gift Card: ____Kim Noonan_______
    Stencil Art Set ___Schwartz Family__________
    18 pack Supreme Drawing Compound ___Kathy Ambro____
    Wet Head Game _____Schwartz Family_________
    5 Second Rule Game ____Schwartz Family________
    Fluffy unicorn slippers (XL):  ____Kim Noonan______
    Glam Glue Deluxe Pack ______Schwartz Family_____
    Unicorn Hoodie (womens size small) ___Schwartz Family___
    Orbeez spin and soothe hand spa_____TdD Premier Real Estate_
    Wubble Bubble____TdD Premier Real Estate___

    Girl: Age 8
    Favorite Color: Pink
    Clothing Sizes: Pants size 6, Shirts, ladies size small, Shoes: kids size 12
    Hoverboard _____________________________
    Baby Born Interactive ____Aimee Greenwalt________
    Orbeez spin & soothe hand massage___TdD Premier Real Estate_
    Propell Navigator Cloud Master___TdD Premier Real Estate_ (only at Target)
    LOL Surprise Water Surprise Game____Aimee Greenwalt___
    Unicorn Slippers (medium) __Schwartz Family__________
    Wubble Bubble ______Aimee Greenwalt___________
    Fun Interactive Family Games ___Schwartz Family___
    Target Gift Card _____Schwartz Family_________
    Justice Gift Card ____Schwartz Family__________


    Family #5 – Click Here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Fortnite Monopoly: ___Ashley Green___
    Nonstick baking sheets ____Ashley Green__________
    Pancake griddle pan __Ashley Green___________
    Walmart Gift Card _____Ashley Green_________
    Target Gift Card _______Ashley Green_______
    Costco Gift Card ____Ashley Green__________
    JCPenny _____Ashley Green___________

    Patient: Boy, age 9
    Clothing size: 16 husky(boys), shoe size: 6.5 wide
    Overwatch(Xbox video game) ___Ashley Green___________
    Nerf Zombie Strike crosscut blaster ___Ashley Green________
    Nerf Elite blaster rack ___Ashley Green__________
    Lap desk (prefers color orange) _Ashley Green___________
    Plus stuffed chocolate lab dog ___Ashley Green__________
    Amazon Alexa ____Ashley Green_____________
    Pajamas ______Ashley Green__________


    Family #6 – Click Here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Ironing board ___KHG___________
    Ceiling Fan(for a family room); bronze with three or four lights not one, flush mount
    ___Kelly Hager______
    Tower Air Purifier with HEPA filter_ Tracy Kirkpatrick__________

    Patient: Girl, age 10
    Clothing size: 10/12 or Medium, Shoe size: 2.5
    Singing machine (SML385UBK) Bluetooth karaoke system with LED disco lights (Amazon)
    _____Carrie Meiseann_____
    LEGO Friends Friendship House __Carrie Meiseann_____

    Brother: age 11
    Clothing size: 12/14 or Large, Shoe size 5
    Ravensburger King Technicolor 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle(Amazon)
    _____Kathy Ambro_______

    Ravensburger Sort and Go jigsaw puzzle accessory(Amazon)
    ____Kathy Ambro________
    3D maze ball-Labyrinth____Kathy Ambro_______________
    20×50 high power military binoculars, BAK4, Large eyepiece, compact & waterproof (Amazon)
    ________Kim Bursak__________
    Shoes ____Kim Bursak _________

    Brother:  age 20
    Clothing size: pant 32/34, Shirts L/XL, Shoe size 11
    men’s beard/nose trimming kit___TdD Premier Real Estate___
    Outfit #1______Kim Bursak _________
    Outfit #2 ______Kim Bursak ________
    Shoes ________Kim Bursak ________

    Sister: age 2
    Clothing size: 3T. Shoe size 7-8 child
    Melissa and Doug Pet Vet set __Tracy Kirkpatrick____
    Fisher Price Roctopus__Tracy Kirkpatrick________
    Outfit #1_______Alyssa Theroux______
    Outfit #2 __Alyssa Theroux_____________
    Shoes _____Alyssa Theroux_____________


    Family #7 – Click Here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Twin quilt (navy or grey) __Lisa Theroux_________
    Twin quilt (navy or grey) _Lisa Theroux__________
    Twin sheet set __Lisa Theroux_________
    Twin sheet set __Lisa Theroux_________
    Queen bed comforter set (darker colors) ___Lisa Theroux__
    Kitchen glasses ___Kathy Ambro__________
    Walmart gift card __Kathy Ambro____________

    Patient: Girl, age 10
    Fluffy Pink bedspread (twin)___Lisa Theroux_______
    Sheet set (twin) ___Lisa Theroux__________
    Peppa Pig pillow __Lisa Theroux_____________
    Barbie dolls __Alyssa Theroux______________
    Barbie accessories__Alyssa Theroux____________

    Brother: age 3
    Clothing size: 3T, favorite color: green
    Fur Real Rockatoo toy parrot _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson__
    Angry Birds toys _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson___________
    Jurassic World Dinosaur toys _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson__
    Batman toys __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson__________

    Brother: age 5
    Clothing size: 6, favorite color: Green
    Star Wars Lego set _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_____
    Minecraft toys __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_______
    Star Wars toys __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_______

    Sister: age 12
    Clothing size: 12 girls
    Barbie dolls _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson________
    Barbie house _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson________
    Art supplies _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_________
    Drawing set _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_________
    Pajamas _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson____________

    Brother: age 14
    Clothing size: 16 boys
    Star Wars lego set _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson________
    Star Wars toys _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_________
    Outfit #1 _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson___________
    Outfit #2 _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson___________
    Pajamas _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson________

    Brother: age 16
    Clothing size: Mens small
    Star Wars lego set _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_____
    Star Wars toys _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_______
    Outfit #1 __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson__________
    Outfit #2 __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson__________
    Pajamas __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_______

    Sister: age 19
    Clothing size: Womens 8 or medium
    Art set _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson__________
    Note books _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_______
    Art paint __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson________
    Sewing stuff _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson______
    Pajamas _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_________

    Fidget toys ___Kathy Ambro______________________

    Sister: age 21
    Clothing size: Womens XS
    (would like Athletic clothes)
    Outfit #1__Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson________
    Outfit #2__Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson__________
    Starbucks gift card __Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson_____
    Socks _Ronda Baumann/Jessica Patterson______


    Family #8 – Click Here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Oil diffuser for essential oils: ____Ashley Green_____________
    Dish towels (green, neutral or seasonal): __Ashley Green_______
    Gray or White bath towels: _____Ashley Green___________
    Pasta pot or waffle maker: ____Ashley Green____________
    Target Gift Card: __________Ashley Green____________
    Walmart Gift Card: _________Ashley Green___________
    Visa Gift Card: _____________Ashley Green__________

    Patient: Girl Age: 9
    Clothing Size: 12/14 Shoe size: 6.5 Y or 7 women
    Just Dance 2019 game for Nintendo Switch: ____Ashley Green_______________
    Our Generation or American Girl doll accessories/clothes: ______Ashley Green____
    Goosebumps game for Nintendo Switch: _______Ashley Green______
    Winter Boots (girly or neutral colors): _____Ashley Green__________
    Purple Vera Bradley Blanket: ____Ashley Green________________
    Athletic/comfy leggings or joggers : ________Ashley Green______
    Sweaters: ______Ashley Green____________
    Camisoles: _____Ashley Green_____________


    Family #9 – Click Here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Egg crate or memory foam portable mattress: _____Kim Bursak _______
    (to fit hospital bed)
    Gas Cards: ________Tracy Kirkpatrick_____________________
    Board games: ____TdD Premier Real Estate____________________
    Movie Gift Card: ____Jamie Walsh ___________________
    Landline telephone:(block call feature) ______Kim Bursak__________

    Patient: Girl Age: 20
    Clothing size: XL,  Shoe size: 10.5
    Feb. 26 Blues Tickets x 6: ______Tom Kissell_______
    (Love your melon night-all you can eat suite)
    Nintendo switch games & accessories: ____Kim Bursak____
    Amazon Gift Card: ____Jennifer Mueller_______
    Target Gift Card: _____Mark Dyn___________________
    Disney Gift Card: _____Bob Severns___________________
    KitchenAid Mixer Attachments: _____Kim Bursak_______

    Sister: Age 23
    Clothing size: Large Shoe size: 9 ½
    Athletic wear: _____Kim Bursak__________
    Kendra Scott necklace: __________________
    Kendra Scott Earrings (Studs) _______________
    (neutral colors for necklace and earrings)
    Target Gift Card: ____Bob Severns________________
    Disney Gift Card: ___Bob Severns_________________
    Marshalls Gift Card: __Bob Severns_________________
    Fun Notepads-pens: _____Kim Bursak ________
    Teacher supplies: ______Kim Bursak __________

    Sister: Age 17
    Clothing size: Large, Shoe size: 10
    Ugg Slippers (Tasman-Chestnut color) ____Kathy Ambro _____
    Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace (Black Drusy) ____________
    Athletic Wear: ____Kim Bursak______________
    Kendra Scott earrings: ________________________
    MacBook Pro 13 inch case: _____Kim Bursak_________
    Bluetooth keyboard for iPad: ____Kim Bursak _________

    Family #10 – Click Here to sign up for items to donate!

    Family items:
    Bedspread (Queen): _______Jamie Pandolfo__________________
    (light blue & white-Light green & white)
    Bed Sheets (Queen): __Jamie Pandolfo____________________
    (white & green)
    Body lotion: ______Jamie Pandolfo_____________________
    Target Gift Card: __Jamie Pandolfo______________________
    Walmart Gift Card: __Jamie Pandolfo____________________

    Patient: Girl Age: 2
    Clothing size: 3T Favorite Color: pink & purple
    Outfit # 1: _____Jamie Pandolfo_______________________________
    Outfit #2: ________Jamie Pandolfo____________________________
    Teepee play tent (off white, gray & white): __Jamie Pandolfo_________________
    Doodle tablet:______Jamie Pandolfo____________________________________
    Magnet building tiles: __Jamie Pandolfo__________________________________
    Safari LTD Toob: ______Jamie Pandolfo__________________________________
    (musical instruments)(human organs)

    Sister: Age 1
    Clothing size: 24 months
    Outfit # 1: __Jamie Pandolfo__________________________________________
    Outfit #2: ___Jamie Pandolfo_________________________________________
    Sand and water table: __Jamie Pandolfo____________________________
    Penguin Race Set: __Jamie Pandolfo______________________________
    Stacking Blocks: __Jamie Pandolfo________________________________
    (Melissa & Doug nesting & stacking blocks)