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    About Kelly Hager


    From Comatose to CEO: Who is Kelly Hager?

    In July 2010, Kelly’s real estate company gained recognition and Kelly established herself as the St. Louis area’s real estate expert, an unexpected illness threatened what had become her life’s passion.

    This mysterious illness began shutting down her organs, causing doctors to put Kelly in a medically- induced coma. She remained in a comatose state for weeks. But then, miraculously, Kelly woke up. When she awoke, she was unable to see or walk. She had terrible double vision and her memory was in bad shape. After being out of the ICU for a day, her husband said that he wanted a divorce, and left Kelly to care for their 3-year-old son on her own. Despite the dire circumstances, Kelly battled through extensive therapy and recovered, determined to see past what she had experienced and to focus on what she could make of the future; namely taking care of her son and creating a thriving and unique real estate company.

    The Kelly Hager Group boasts an executive leadership team of all women. Kelly views her team mates not only as a collaborative, innovative team, but also as individual entrepreneurs. She empowers them to invest in their careers instead of viewing their positions as just another job. With that inspired management style, Kelly and her team have sold more than $250 million in real estate throughout the St. Louis metro area in less than a decade. Motivated by her team’s achievements, she looks forward to the coming years as her company grows and the housing market continues to improve. Hager has launched her second corporation, LiveTeamLife, which encompasses international keynote speaking, business performance training and consulting.

    Hager’s speaking topics include Leadership and Empowerment, Building Business Teams, Team Development, Overcoming Adversity, Entrepreneurial Models, Female Diversity in Leadership, and Maximizing Profitability Through Multiple Streams of Revenue. Kelly’s mission is to empower others to create the life and business they have always wanted. Kelly credits her near-death experience with giving her the clarity to enjoy life, family, her profession and giving back. Her ultimate goal is to improve the lives of others.

    Brief Overview and Achievements

    Kelly Hager is a licensed REALTOR® serving both St. Louis and St. Charles counties in Missouri. She is designated as one of “St. Louis’ Top One Percent” of real estate agents as well as one of the top five St. Louis highest selling real estate agents. Last year she was ranked #6 in the entire region and #1 in St. Charles in volume sales. She is the CEO and Owner of The Kelly Hager Group LLC which celebrated its tenth year in 2015. Through her leadership, The Kelly Hager Group crossed over the 55 million dollar mark in 2015. A far cry from when she woke up from a coma in 2010 and her company was much smaller, and only at 12.5 million dollars. For 2016, the team is projected to grow to over 100 agents and  have sales volume of over 100 million dollars.

    A life-long resident of the St. Louis area, Kelly Hager, was raised in Clayton, Missouri, where her parents co-owned the well-known family business, Library Ltd. Bookstore. After graduating with a degree in political science and pre-law from Maryville University in Missouri, she moved to Los Angeles, CA and even spent time living in Australia. In 2000, St. Louis drew her back to re- establish her roots and start a family.

    Kelly held management positions at a handful of local companies, but real estate was always in the background. Her great grandfather, grandfather, and her uncle worked in the real estate industry, and her own parents held investment properties. She accepted her calling in 2005 when she founded The Kelly Hager Group with Coldwell Banker Gundaker. After a short stint there, she moved to RE/MAX for a few years. In 2007, she joined Keller Williams Realty, the largest real estate franchise company in North America with an ownership stake in the company.

    Kelly has received numerous awards and recognitions. A few of Kelly’s awards include the Wall Street Journal Real Trends Top 250 of 1,000,000 award in 2014 and Top 200 of 2015, 2014 and 2015 Finalist in the St. Louis Business Journal Best Places to Work, St. Louis Business Journal 5th Highest-Selling Real Estate Team, Cultural Icon Award for three years from Keller Williams, the Athena Award from The Hellenic Spirit Foundation, the Number One Mega Team award from the St. Charles Association of REALTORS® three consecutive years, the BOLD Award, the Quadruple Gold and Triple Gold awards from Keller Williams, and RE/MAX’s top listing agent award. Perhaps the crowning achievement, Kelly and her team have received the Award for Excellence for Real Estate Services from real estate mogul and business entrepreneurial expert Barbara Corcoran for three consecutive years.

    Never forgetting the importance of giving back, a trait passed down to her from her philanthropist grandmother, Kelly has been extensively involved in the local community and charities, and holds a special passion for helping children. While sponsoring various children’s sports teams and inspiring their success, Kelly discovered the best way to assist children was through their family. Kelly began participating in area-wide programs that provide assistance and support for struggling families. For the last several years, she teamed with local non-profit group, Friends of Kids with Cancer to have a holiday  “Adopt-a-Family” event.  Through the years, Kelly has inspired her friends, neighbors, and clients to help more than 850 children and their families through organizations like Friends of Kids with Cancer, The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and The Leukemia Society.  


    “As a speaker, Kelly brings her experience and contagious energy to the audience. She discusses her near death experience, how it changed her life, and how it led her to build a successful, innovative corporation through collaboration, drive, and loyalty. ”  – Gene Pulliam, Bank of America.


    Speaking Topics


    How to Overcoming Adversity and Thrive

    Kelly Hager has the first-hand experience of overcoming adversity. Several years ago, Kelly was the victim of a mysterious illness resulting in life support and a coma.  After awakening from the coma, her life changed dramatically when her husband asked for a divorce immediately, leaving her to care for her then three year old son.  Despite this horrible situation, Kelly went on to overcome her physical ailments and start a profitable real estate agency through relentless focus, strategic planning and courageous risk taking.

    Entrepreneurial Development

    The Love of Building Business

    Do you have the guts to do what it takes to achieve your goals?  Kelly Hager is a woman entrepreneur who built her business from the ground up by understanding the fundamentals and mechanics of business, while working to throw the box away and think outside of the box and harnessing her passion to turn her dreams into a reality.  Corporations, business leaders, students and entrepreneurs can benefit from Kelly’s advice on transforming a true love for what you do into a profitable business using her proven strategies and techniques.

    Team Development and Success

    To achieve success, a team should be a thriving ecosystem based on collaboration and fueled by ambition.  By playing to the strengths of each team member and leading by example, Kelly has created a driven, capable, focused and energetic team.  With her phenomenal leadership capabilities, Kelly shares insight on recruitment, training, mentoring and attaining a healthy work-life balance all while focusing heavily on her business priorities.

    Maximizing Profitability

    As a successful business leader, Kelly Hager shares her expertise on developing a profitable operation through strategic planning, risk taking and a healthy sense of urgency.  Audience members can benefit from Kelly’s insights on the collaboration process, the evolution and growth of a business, and the importance of fiscal responsibility and profitability.

    Women in Business- Female Leadership

    It is no secret that women in the workplace face a unique set of expectations and challenges.  Kelly Hager provides practical advice on time management and how to hustle, advice on focusing and the importance of maintaining a work-life balance for women interested in working hard to make a difference while doing something they love.