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Adopt-a-Family for Friends of Kids with Cancer 2021

‘Tis the season for giving! It’s that time of year again when we team up with local non-profit, Friends of Kids with Cancer, to adopt families for the holidays. Each one of the families from Friends of Kids with Cancer has a child suffering from some form of cancer. Many of these children have been fighting illness for a very long time, and as you might imagine, it is devastating for the entire family. 

Our goal is to be able to provide a wonderful Holiday for these families, allowing them to take their minds off some of their worries and simply enjoy a very special Christmas together. Please help us in our efforts to fulfill their wish lists and make this a wonderful, joyous and stress free Holiday for the families. Whether you can donate one item or all items for a family, your support means the world! 

For the past 10 years, we have collected all the donated gifts and held a huge wrapping party and present pickup event for the families.

To keep things safer this year, items can be shipped or dropped off to the Kelly Hager Group office or the Friends of Kids office (Monday – Friday, 9am-4pm). Please do so no later than Friday, December 10th.     (See addresses at the bottom)

If you choose to purchase through Amazon you can ship directly to the Kelly Hager Group office or Friends of Kids with Cancer office.  PLEASE make sure to note that the item is a gift (this lets you make a note to the recipient). In the note box, please indicate the Family # and the name of the person to receive the gift. Please do this for each item that is purchased. 

If you would like to assist with wrapping presents for the families, please reach out! Friends of Kids with Cancer will be setting up a socially distanced safe space to wrap presents at their headquarters in Maplewood.

Please call or text Kim if you have any questions 636-778-1217. 

Friends of Kids with Cancer
16 Sunnen Drive, Suite #161
St. Louis, MO 63143


Kelly Hager Group
12977 N. 40 Drive, Suite #300
St. Louis, MO 63141

Family #1 – Darren has been in treatment for 3 years now. His mom is a single mom raising 2 kids on her own and they have to travel far for their treatment which can be very hard sometimes.

Patient: Darren (Boy, age 16) Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Ice Cube Maker ________________
59Fifty Fitted Hats (Size 7 3/8, any MLB team) ___Carrie Meisemann_______
Nike Shirts (Men’s Large) _____Jessica Patterson________
Nike Hoodie (Men’s Large, Favorite Color: Blue) _____Carrie Meisemann_____________
Nike Crew Socks (white or black, size: 11.5) _____Jessica Patterson______
Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card _____Carrie Meisemann_____________

Samantha (sister, age 17)  Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Mini Keurig ____Jessica Patterson______________
Soft Throw Blanket Teal or Gray ____Jessica Patterson______________
Twin XL Comforter Grey or Teal _____Jessica Patterson_____________
Twin XL Grey Fitted Sheets _______Jessica Patterson___________
Packs of ankle socks (Size: 7, any color but black) _______Jessica Patterson___________
Adidas Hoodie (Women’s Large, Favorite Color:teal or purple) _____Jessica Patterson_______
Amazon Gift Card ____Jessica Patterson______________
Kohls Gift Card __________________

Stephanie (Mom)  Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Utensils ____Karyn Bohannan______
Pots & Pans __________________
Stadium Seat __________________
Sephora Gift Card __________________
Kohls Gift Card ____Karyn Bohannan______

Family #2 – Oliver has been in treatment for 4 years now. His mom is a single mom raising 2 boys on her own. Oliver participates in our Art from the Heart show every year to try to give back to the charity.

Patient: Oliver (Boy, age 11) Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Snorkel Set ______Alyson Story__________
Fishing Pole ______Alyson Story__________
Fishing gear _______Alyson Story_________
Apple Gift Card ______Vitality Unlimited Spa_______
Xbox Gift Card ______Vitality Unlimited Spa_____________

Carson (Boy, age 12)  Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Camping Gear ______Vitality Unlimited Spa_____________
Swimming Goggles _____Vitality Unlimited Spa________
Car Logo Signs for Room _____Vitality Unlimited Spa________
Xbox Gift Card _____Vitality Unlimited Spa______________
Cowboy Boots (Shoe Size: 8.5) ____Vitality Unlimited Spa_________
Topps Baseball Cards _____Vitality Unlimited Spa______________
Legos ______Vitality Unlimited Spa_____________
Hoodies (Favorite Color: Red or Navy) _____Vitality Unlimited Spa________
Baseball Glove ____Vitality Unlimited Spa_______________
Baseball Bat _______Vitality Unlimited Spa____________

Mom  Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Ulta Gift Card _____Vitality Unlimited Spa_____________
Wallet ________Vitality Unlimited Spa___________
Scarf & Gloves ________Vitality Unlimited Spa___________
Bath & Body Works Lotion ________Vitality Unlimited Spa___________
Grocery Store Gift Cards ________Vitality Unlimited Spa___________
Baking Sheets _______Vitality Unlimited Spa____________
Clothes (Shirt Women’s Small, Pants- 0/2)________Vitality Unlimited Spa__________

Family #3 – Nicholas has been in treatment for 7 years now.

Nicholas (Patient, age 21)   Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Walmart Gift Card _____Kathy Kilo Peterson____
Clothes Shirt Size: Adult XL, Pant Size: Adult XL
____Kathy Kilo Peterson_______
Anything Power Rangers _______________
2 Twin Size Pillows _________________
Twin Size Comforter Color: Red or Purple ____Kathy Kilo Peterson__
Joggers, Size: Adult XL ___Kathy Kilo Peterson____________
Red Power Ranger Jacket (Size: Adult XL) _______________

Mom    Click Here to sign up for gifts!
Twin Size Sheet Set (Favorite Color: Blue)
Pajamas Size: Adult 2x ______________
Black Sweatpants, Size: Adult 2x ______________
Swiffer Dusters _______________
Swiffer Wet Jet Refills ______________
Scrubbing Bubbles flushable refills __________
Keurig _____________
Throw Rugs (Red or Purple) _____________
Walmart Gift Cards _______________

THANK YOU for your donations to the families of Friends of Kids with Cancer!!

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