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5 Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a New Real Estate Agent


Gaining the edge in real estate means leveraging a multitude of talents and mastering various techniques through practice, but erasing self-doubt and establishing a foundation of confidence need to come first. Here’s 5 ways to level the playing field with confidence boosters.

#1 You Are Who You Run With – Look, it’s tough being a rookie. Real estate school didn’t prepare you for everything. Nothing damages the confidence more than a client who knows you don’t have a clue. You are either alone and have to figure it out the hard way, or you can surround yourself with knowledge. Join a brokerage with ample support and leadership with frequent training. Better yet, see if you can find a top producing real estate team to speed up your development. Finding the right fit is key!

#2 Get Over Yourself – You’re not perfect and you never will be. Real estate is tough and you’ll hear “No” quite a bit. Turn what you think is a defeated moment into a coaching moment for making the next call better. Build your confidence by adopting the idea that you’re one “No!” closer to a “Yes!” Make it a daily goal to be a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. You’ll eventually gain steam, but just have to get out of your own way first.

#3 Again and Again and Again! – You have talent. You have skills. You have ability. But when it comes time to perform, can you execute at a high level? Even if it’s your first client, how can you exude the confidence you actually have? Repetition. Practice your presentation until it’s a performance. Role-play with peers. Study common objections and know how to overcome. Above all, know the market you’re in. It’s a manual effort at first, but set yourself up so that these behaviors are reflexive.

#4 Attitude Determines Altitude – Right actions lead to right results. Understand that everything you do will have an effect on your business and to approach those activities with optimism and positivity. Get in your ‘zone’ and tell yourself that “I will succeed today”. You run your own business now and there is no glass ceiling. Have fun with this! Watch your confidence grow when you maintain positive mental attitudes.

#5 Boil Over – There aren’t a whole lot of agents out there that are sort of confident. You either are or your aren’t. Ask yourself, “Am I giving it a maximum effort at all times?” Am I doing the extra things to boil over? Ask the extra questions. Seek out the additional training. Leverage the technology by spending more time with it. Ultimately, you will never need to be concerned with the outcome of anything if you are confident you’ve given it your best effort.

Being a new agent in today’s market can be a daunting endeavor. Market conditions, agent saturation, competing brokerages and overall skill and experience can be terrifying to overcome. However, it’s not hard to focus on things you can control, and as any skilled entrepreneur or top producing sales professional would tell you, confidence is everything.

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